The Art & Science of Spey Flyfishing, Maxwell


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I don't Spey cast and I came across what looks like a first edition spiral bound signed and numbered copy of Mike Maxwell's The Art & Science of Spey Flyfishing. Can anyone tell me about that book and that edition? Thanks for any info.
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Definitely worth a look if you'd like to begin spey casting. I've never cast for spey fish because I've never heard of them, maybe triploids or something?

Don't know about the editions but I have a hardbound copy and it helped me figure out how to spey cast. Very useful book from my perspective.
As a rod builder and instructor, Mike did as much as anyone to bring spey casting back to life in its vibrant modern renaissance. However, his casting style was definitely old school, better suited to heavy wooden rods than graphite.


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I think the old style still works just fine, does for me anyway. Nooksack, would you suggest the new style is what competition distance casters use? I think you should look again. Maxwell's book provides many insights that will help all casters, even those using graphite rods like Mike sold and used for casting instruction.
Klick, I'm no expert on modern tournament techniques. But what was apparent to me in watching Mike's casting videos was the technique of holding the rod butt vertical, close to his chest, and casting by rocking his body back and forth; something like tossing a caber. That would be understandable with a 2 1/2 pound bamboo or greenheart rod, but isn't necessary with 13 ounce graphite rods, where we can use our arms and shoulders without hazzard.


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The largest bit of help I got from Mike's book was keeping my elbows in tight to my body...and I do use the body rocking thing on every cast. I've never seen any of his video's so now I'll go see if I can find any online.

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