Pattern Premature Dollywhacker

Jeremy Husby

Is there a Vahalla for fishermen?
Great looking fly, have you ever tried using Pink Bucktail under then Marabou over. It gives a great deal of action. For Dollies I do pretty well with bucktail. My most favorite material (if money does not matter) would be Artic fox spun into a dubbing rope; it’s the best for action and keeps a good form without collapsing under faster waters. What other colors have you been using and what system are you fishing with this patterns. I have found color real changes from system to system. Like Skagit Chums will take pink but every where else they take green and never pink. Just wondering?
I have actually been using this pattern exculsively in Canada swung on a slimeline behind reds. It is well outperforming egg paterns(dead drift or swing). Don't know why, just does.

I will give it a shot in Washington this weekend when I move back. Thanks for the suggestions.