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Jeremy H
What size pipette tube did you order? Has anyone else experience with these tubes - I am specificaly looking for style and size, there are a whole batch on the sight Jeremy referanced - I am looking for the ones that will allow me to fit a cone(small to medium size) and give me atotal length of 1" to 1.5"

Jeremy Husby

Is there a Vahalla for fishermen?
The best thing you go do is go to and order the free sample. Then figure out which one would work best, then see if you can order it in a bulk set. Bulk comes in 2 bags of 500 and the style I bought (0.5-20 ┬ÁL, 46 mm, which are about 1 3/4") costed 53.00. I use them for super glue tips and other small projects. My order number to brinkmann was 2249202-1.

Thier biggest is the 1-10ml which is 243mm long. I would browse and look for the style and length and then make you selection. Hope that helped. . . .

(PS) If your using a cone with a tube you should make a hot weld tool, I made one out of heavy gauge music wire. I pull it through the tube then heat the flared end and pull it into the tube and it flares the plastic up in front of the tube so there is no need for a head, here is a pic of a finished one:


Jerry Daschofsky

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LOL Scotty, sorry, I should've said "emailed". But email is pretty much a form of communication anymore, and most I know refer to "speaking" to someone, even with emails and messengers (since they are virtually "in real time"). Sorry, I'll make sure I "correctly comment" for you. :thumb:

Old Man

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I'm not one for knocking anything to do with fishing. But the way you are all going with this tube fly setup has got me thinking along the lines of almost gear fishing. You seem to be tying them out of bigger and heavier tubes.

I just seem to think that this is getting away from the concept of FLY FISHING. I was always under the impression that fly fishing was just that. trying to fool the fish into something that it eats tied up with feathers or fur or what ever tied on a HOOK not on a tube.With a tube fly you have the leader going thru the fly with a hook attached to the leader like you do when you gear fish.

Jim......One who sticks to the old way of flyfishing.

Jeremy Husby

Is there a Vahalla for fishermen?
Very true Old man. . . . Personlly I fish wet and dry flies, but being a commercial tier, keeping up with the trends of the newer patterns is what keeps the money coming in. Poeple have been tying on metal tubes in Europe for years it just now becoming really popular in the states because of the spey fishing allows one to chuck a huge fly. It's no knock on anyone. . . . . I think what ever it takes for some one to leave gear fishing to fly-fishing is a good thing, because once you start fly fishing you dive deeper and deeper into tradition of the sport. People start out with sinking lines and barbelled flies and evolve into double-tapered dry fly only FFmen. I'm there with trout but have years to become a Dry only guy with steelhead, one day when I understand more. But a good point and the surge of the FF popularity will see evolution of the sport and that is what makes FF great is that it allows growth and new ideas but it always leads us back to it's roots. Thats why we are not using bamboo rods, horse hair lines, and cat gut leaders no more, and we as FF have the ability to choose what we keep in the sport and what we leave behind.
Thanks for the info
Old Man
Tubes do not have to be heavy, they can also be very intricate concoctions and can be manipulated to swim and look alive in ways that the gear guys could only dream about - this is the true art of flyfishing, evoking a take by simulating a food form!

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