Pattern Articulated Egg Sucking Leech

This is the pattern that I tied for the Articulated swap. The weight in the middle at the hinge gives it great action when stripped.

Please forgive the quality of the jpegs (particularly the colors). I was forced to use a flat scanner vice my digital camera. (The camera went for a swim with me and is OOC.)

Picture 1: Ingredients:
Waddington Shank (big)
AJ #3 hook
30# backing
Tungsten bead
Black cross cut rabbit
black maribou
Obnoxiously Flourecent Orange chenile (looks flat pink in the scan)
red Saddle hackle

Picture 2: The shank
Take a shank, cut it in half, and bend it. The bend will allow you to hold it in the vise later.

Picture 3: The Caboose
On the hook:
Head: Tungsten bead
Tail: Maribou with 4 strands of flash
Body: crosscut rabbit
Collar/wing/whatever: 2 strands of flash each side

On the shank:
Tie in the 30# backing to the shank, loop the backing through the eye of the hook, around and back out the eye

Not shown in pic:
With a black Sharpie, I colored the last half inch of backing black (the rest will be under thread wraps.)

Picture 4: Finished Caboose/Finished Fly
Caboose Connection:
The backing is pulled through until caboose is almost snug to the shank. Backing is tied down with TIGHT thread wraps the full length of the shank, trimmed, and super glued.

The Shank:
Body: Black crosscut rabbit
Throat: 2 strands of flash each side
Collar: red Saddle Hackle
Head: Chenile

Last step is to remove from vise, pull back rabbit hair on the front half and cut off excess (bent) part of shank.


Jeremy Husby

Is there a Vahalla for fishermen?
Looks greats, these are killer flies for the bow population on the Skagit. Any thing that has some agression will take on these. I have seen some nice Sauk trophies caught on a Articulated Leechs.

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