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Going to be in Twisp this weekend. The Methow is at 4000cfs, Twisp is at 1000 so Twisp it is. Any suggestions as far as areas to focus on would be appreciated as it's my first time on the river. (It's understood that it's closed above War Creek)

Through the forum or by email. Thanks. :THUMBSUP


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Hi Chris - I was in Winthrop for 5 days last week. Didn't hit any rivers because they were way too high and most were dirty. The Chewuck was up also but it was the only one that was not "chocolate". The upper reaches might be pretty good.

If not, the lakes were very good to me. Big Twin was especially nice from about 7PM till dark. I caught fish on dries at the rate of almost a fish a cast on Friday (6/14) after a big wind all day left tons of terrestrials on the surface. Damsels, bees and ants worked very well. Also did well the following day on leeches and damsel nymphs. Weird mix of fish though. Most were in good shape and fought well but every 3rd or 4th fish was a malnourished "snake" with a giant head, skinny body and no fight.

Also, I didn't try it but one of the other guys at Big Twin told me that Davis lake was fishing well especially if you bring a tube/pontoon boat.

I would strongly recommend NOT fishing Patterson Lake. I tried that for a few hours and couldn't get my fly through the schools of micro bass (4 - 7 inches) that seemed to be every where. Eventually got a few trout with a full sink but all in all it was not worth the effort.

Good luck and give us a report back when you get a chance.


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I fish quite often in the Methow Valley, and you might want to try the Lost River near Mazama. There's also a good fly shop in Mazama. If the rivers are too high, you could try Big Buck lake, which is very close to Twisp, or Big Twin, as previously suggested. Black Pine lake is also a cool spot to check out, because it has Brook Trout and is a high mountain lake. Give me a report when you get back


Chris Scoones

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Thanks guys,

As it turns out, family duties took most all my time. Most...

While everyone was enjoying dinner, I hopped on the Methow. Yep, still high and off color but still managed a nice cutt, I think a brook although it was a couple feet away and released before I got a great look at it, and about 5 white fish. Not bad for the 45 minutes I was on the river before the mosquitoes KICKED MY ASS.

On the way back along 97 I saw a huge fish rise in one of those ponds along the Columbia on the other side of the Freeway from the river. Apologized to my wife that she'd have to keep the kids company for a few minutes and went to have a look-see. Found a couple dozen carp sunning around the weeds looking to be between 2 and 14lbs. Haven't targeted these fish before, only read a bit on them including the responses to Ray's thread last updated on the 8th. Didn't have an appropriate fly so chucked out a beaded soft hackle in front and between a couple monsters. Heh, I might as well have threw the biggest rock I could find at them. ;) They let me know how they felt about my approach and offering with a not so subtle thrash and dash. The next fish at least stayed to ignore it, as did the others before the suburban's horn started honking.

I should be back in the area later this summer. Will hit those you suggested and pack for hitting the local lakes I've been missing lately. Thanks for your responses.



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