December Steelhead Tying Roundtable

There will be a Steelhead tying roundtable on Wednesday December 15 from 6:30-8:30 pm at 'Pacific Fly Fishers' in Mill Creek. This is an opportunity for tiers of all levels to get together and work on a pattern and have a good exchange of ideas and techniques. Bring a vise, tools, and thread, the rest is provided free of charge. Hosted by Jack Cook.

We will be getting ready for winter by tying Duncan's Golden Shrimp

Thread – black
Waddington Shank 15, 25 or 35mm with Owner trailer
Tail – 2 Golden Pheasant Flank Red Fathers, wrapped as hackle Irish Style
Feelers – 3-4 Strands Grey or Brown Rhea on each side of shank
Feelers – 2-4 strands of dyed Lady Amherst Tail on each side of shank
Shell – Golden Pheasant Breast (yellow)
Body – Copper Glimmer Body
Shell – Golden Pheasant Breast (yellow)

From here try the same using different colors of dyed GP skins
and different colors of Glimmer Body!
Purple, Fuchsia, Orange, Coral, Black, ???

Come join us!

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