Swap "Items from work" fly swap


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Great idea for a swap! I'm a desk jockey so I'm out but will enjoy watching...
Nah, jump on in. I'm a cube dweller too, and I'm surrounded by tying materials. Cube walls for dubbing, ID lanyards and window blinds for thread for woven bodies, and I'm sure that I can find some ethernet cable to pull apart for wire. Reminds me of the time I sent a bunch of first graders through the house on a scavenger hunt. Very, very bad idea.

Jeff Dodd

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I had just snipped off these strands of fiber out of the recycle bin to see if I could use it in Fly tying. I will practice and see what I come up with.

Cool swap idea!

Whoops, I didn't read all the posts. I see it is closed. No big deal, I will wait for the photos!
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