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nice....It's never really occurred to me to put anything over the body tubing on the head. I'll occasionally utilize body tubing in the body tied in similarly to that to give the added appearance of bulk with literally no bulk (see T-Bone from Blane Chocklett). One tip though, when working with that body tubing, I always lightly singe the loose ends. It'll keep things from unraveling when you're manipulating it.


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Keep an eye out for tubing at Hobby Lobby and Michaels they frequently have a very good tubing that is .31" round.
Works very well for this type pattern.
Usually have white iridescent on hand anytime and have a bunch of other colors around Halloween. Comes in 10 yard packages for like 6.00$ Darice mesh tubing.
They also carry a smaller mono and mylar tubing about .15 diameter but it doesn't tie as nice.

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I just got back from trying to find some fleece per Jim F. or body material at Sportsman's warehouse here in the Tricities because I wanted to tie a few sardines this technique. As usual Sportsman's didn't have what I wanted.

I had dropped my wife off at the Fabric store (JoAnns) on the way. When I got back she was still shopping so I walked around the store looking at feathers, eyes etc. and I came across a bag of "fab lab" craft mesh tubing that looks to be the exact material that you have in this photo (0.3 inch X 20 yards) per package. It cost about $4.00 thanks to a 20% off coupon that my wife had. The only body tubing I could find at Sportsman's was about to small for what I wanted to try and it was close to $5 for a few feet. This stuff will last me forever plus six month...maybe I should sale it for a buck a yard to other fly tiers. They might think they were getting a good deal.

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