Anyone with a Spare Vise?

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Steve Cole - Nisqually and Adjacent Environs
I recently sold my Renzetti Traveller to a fellow list member in anticipation of buying a Nor-Vise that I had found at a great price. I delayed too long in following up with the Nor-Vise deal, but then thought I had found a different deal with a gent listing gear on another FFing website. He had an older Renzetti Presentation vise and was asking only $125 for it. I bit, of course, sent him my money order. That was almost three weeks ago. Sent him an email after Thanksgiving asking if he had received the money order and he confirmed that he had and said he'd send the vise right away. Nada, zilch, zero... no vise, no communications and now I don't have the wherewithal to even buy a used replacement Traveller should I find one. ANYWAY... I am desparate now and need to come up with some kinda deal for a vise so I can start tying my son's Christmas flies. If anyone has a decent vise that is underutilized I would really appreciate hearing about it... I am cash poor just now since moving but have some "special" tying materials that I could offer in trade along with hooks and other tying goodies. I could probably come up with a few bucks, too but not much. (God I hate this... feel like I am beggin'!). I also have a couple of decent reel seats that I would part with if that would interest anyone. Let me know and thanks y'all!

Steve Cole
Vashon Island

PS I know this is a long shot, but if anyone knows members of the Dallas Fly Fishers who might know a guy by the name of Richard Kilgore of Irving Texas... I would appreciate knowing how to get in touch with them. I just want to find out what happened to the vise I thought I bought (and/or my money!?!).
Richard B. Kilgore, Ph.D. 13800 Montfort Drive, Suite 200 Dallas, TX 75240 USA
(214) 739-8566

That one?

Richard B Kilgore
(972) 239-8805 13800 Montfort Dr
Dallas, TX 75240

that one?

Kilgore Richard M Atty
(817) 310-0987 2101 E Southlake Blvd
Southlake, TX 76092

How about that one? Hope this helps. :beer1:


Steve Cole - Nisqually and Adjacent Environs

Thanks for the leads. I will give them a try. I tried a few others that I had looked up but to know avail but it is worth giving these a shot, too. Thanks again.

Hey Man,

I have a cam jaw traveller I am not using and would be more than happy to send it your way if you still need it.



Steve Cole - Nisqually and Adjacent Environs
Thanks everyone who offered to help me out regarding a vise.. I think I am covered now but I just gotta say that I am totally impressed with the generosity by members who offered to help out... very much appreciated! :thumb:
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