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Well my last swap didn't get going so thought I would try something else.

Swap whatever you feel like. 2 flies per person. Same pattern of course for both flies. Don't tell what you are sending beforehand.

Trout themed is only requirement. I'll see if there is interest and then post an end date.

It will be like Christmas. Would like at least 10 guys.

Fly swap participants
1. b_illymac--------flies done
2. Bajema
3. Chris Johnson
4. crequa
5. john gates
6. Travis bille
7. Spadebit
8. Randy Lindahl
9. Kim Ferris
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Alright everyone I sent a pm out with my address. Let's get tying. Let me know if you didn't get it for some reason. Will update this thread as I recieve flies.

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