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I love that frog! I'm going to get my first top water on it @Jamie Wilson as far as my flies I tied #8 a complex twist flash Minnow with f.t.d northern lights. I like the material let's hope the fish do as it's a custom no name bench tie. I really like 7, that's a quick tie quicker sinking baitfish.
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#6 are mine. Based on the SBS here, exempt the hackle is Hungarian partridge because that's what I had. It worked really well this spring on still water, both trolled and retrieved. Haven't had a chance to swing it yet.
#1 is mine, I got the pattern from a book I picked up called "Simple Flies-52 easy to tie patterns that catch fish"
It is lead wire yarn and grizzly, we'll see if it catches fish. I was very busy so I needed something I could bang out quickly and landed on this pattern " Improved Montana Stone"
Number 2 would be mine. Just a some spinner pattern, I've been tying for a guide in Idaho and he asked me to whip him up some of those. I figured if they're good enough for him, they'll work for a swap!

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