Echo big water glass rods ????

Just curious, has anyone even picked one of these up or cast one ? Didn't care that much for there shorter glass rods (I like the glass 3wt switch) but was wondering if anyone had cast one ? Seems no one has them, at least around here, so can't cast one for myself, also can't find any reviews on them. Don't even need one, just curious !!!
Haha, that's funny, I didn't care for the original 4wt, but absolutely love my 7wt switch. There is at least one discussion going on about these over at Fiberglass Flyrodders.


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I have the six wt. I have only used it this fall and winter. Dry line and streamer express, trout only so far, I love it. Had it on trip on Clark Fork typically windy day no need to get out the graphite rod this has power in reserve. I have a lot of rods, this will be my go to big water rod period.


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Don’t know the big water glass either but I really love the feel of my Echo 7129. Really good. I’d love to hear how the BWG performs.

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