Most likely Mayflies living in Woods Creek Monroe


Indi "Ira" Jones
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My class and I read a story about a fictionalized mayfly that lives in Woods Creek near Monroe. Although I've been reading the story for years I honestly have never investigated more what types of mayflies can be found there. Any ideas.


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Hi Irafly-

The following mayfly species have been identified in Woods Cr (in Snohomish County) based on the scientific paper: Mayflies (Ephemeroptera) of the far western United States. Part I: Washington by M. D. Meyer and W. P. McCafferty.

Acentrella turbida
Attenella delantala
Baetis tricaudatus
Caudatella hystrix
Diphetor hageni
Drunella doddsii
Drunella spinifera
Epeorus grandis
Ephemerella tibialis
Paraleptophlebia bicornuta
Paraleptophlebia temporalis
Timpanoga hecuba pacifica

Please see WA Mayfly Distribution - By County.

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