Swap Liquid Lace Stonefly

For those that are interested in the stonefly that I submitted for the Marathon swap, I just got an E-mail from Ed Smith the other day and he finally has his website up and running. Click on the link and check out the fly patterns; their awesome!


p.S. if you want the pattern for that thing and I haven't sent it to you yet PM me.
If you haven't seen this Stonefly Randy tied it is awesome. When I opened the box of swap flies there was this Stonefly in the bottom I thought it was going to crawl out of the box. The Liquid Lace material is perfect for this pattern, very realistic.
jesse clark
I agree with jesse about the stonefly.. When I opened Randy's fly box with all those stone flies in there, I almost dropped the box. I thought he'd been down on the river collecting. Very good looking flies.

When I saw the stonefly pattern,I imediatly thought it would be an exellent
dragon fly nymph as well.
Beautiful fly,best of swap so far in my opinion. :thumb: :thumb:
Doug P.