lakes in the Omak area

I bought some land very close to Crawfish lake and have fished it and Ell lake.Both lakes fished well,Ell has some nice sized rainbows, and Crawfish is full of small to medium sized brookies and rainbow.Any hot tips on other lakes in the area.Has anyone tried the San Poil river?I'd like to fish Lake Omak, anyone have any experience with the big cutts. on that lake.THANKS,troutbum

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There was a write-up on another web about Omak Lake. If fishenfellas was on here he could tell you all about it.

From what I've been able to glean out of this site of fishing the San Poil river is that the fish are small and the rattlesnakes are plentiful,and the best fishing is on the Indian reservation.

So in order to get in the best fishing you need to get a Indian license to fish Omak Lake and the river in the res. Jim S.


Old man is right about the SanPoil, rattlers are numerous and LARGE! I'm not too fond of fishing Omak Lake, there are numerous other good lakes in the area. Try a copy of A Flyfishers Guide to Washington State and get dialed in on all of the goodies in that part of the state. Both Blue's, Wanacutt, Sidley and many others fish well at different times of the year. I don't bother with Chopaka anymore due to the crowds but you can find some real good uncrowded fishing in Okonagon County with little effort. Some of the popular lakes that specialize in dead fish pictures actually flyfish very well early and late in the day particularly in areas that are difficult to troll in. Enjoy the search,Ive
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Not sure if Troutbum got the word on Omak Lake from the other site, so here goes again.
The lake flyfishes excellent for the big Lahontins from 1# to 9-10# from March through October. The fishing starts with leeches in early March when the wind is down. Then by late march large chironomid hatches pop all spring followed by amazing mayfly hatches from mid May through June. In July, August you can get them on fast sink over 15-20' water on muddlers and leeches. The Lahontins seem to be much more at ease in warm water that Rainbows so I often fish them in July with little sign of stressing them.In September the fishing really perks with second generation Chironomid and Mayfly hatches galore and a very fast bite at times.
The good fly water is somewhat restricted to those bays on the center east side and the South end of the lake. Beercan beach on the North end is fished a lot, but is actually the worst flyfishing area on the lake.
Trollers score the biggest fish usually and the State Record Lahontin is from there caught trolling. The fisheries people say there are some in there that would beat the current record and I don't doubt it.

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