Lost Our Virginity---sorta


"Chasing Riseforms"
Eyejuggler and I went hunting for Tiger Musky Wednesday. It was our very first time looking for the beast. Our timing was probably not the best as we hit the water mid morning until about 4 pm. Hot bright sunny day, but we explored and hunted. It was probably "high noon" after casting that big 10 wt. with our big flies all morning that the beast appeared. It was near the end of the retrieve when I decided to kind of make a little twitch with a slight direction change in the fly. Out of nowhere the long body of the tiger appeared. We both watched as it slammed my fly while its body and tail broke the calm with a thrash! I set the hook as best I could barely knowing if the fish had truly turned and had the fly in its mouth. As luck had it, I hooked up. It thrashed pretty good and darted about, but seemed to give in easily, or it didn't start to show its true colors yet. We missed getting it to the net the first time, then just as we were about to net it, it came unbuttoned. It was pretty fun to hook up and see this fish. Then, later that afternoon, we wandered back to the same area. I wanted to put Eyejuggler on a fish. He was working the area pretty good as I rowed silently into the area. And almost the same thing happened. A fish came to the surface towards the end of his retrieve. Eyejuggler poked him good, but perhaps a tad early. The fished turned, gave us a "wink" and said "adios amigos". It was a great first day chasing these gals. So, I guess we are still virgins. I look forward to raising one of these beasts to a big Miyawaki Popper for some true surface action!
The bottom fly pictured was what produced our strikes. It was about 8" long.

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
Dang but that is something I need to try. I should actually add a 10 wt rod & reel to the collection just in case. Then I just need Trip, EJ, or TP to show me how to hold a whole chicken still while I tie it on a huge hook (I believe I do have some 3/0 & 4/0 packages of shaped & sharpened metal). Any suggestions as to a reasonably-priced but solidly-functional rod/reel/line/all of the above? Biggest outfit in my quiver is an 8 wt.
Sorry for the delay but Larry and I got out Tuesday for another go at Tapps.
Cooler temps, overcast skies, and calm yet lightly ruffled water had our hopes high after last weeks sightings and misses.
Traversing the lake looking for brushy/woodsy shoreline and good natural structure, we found no Musky, no follows, nada.
Larry did catch his first ever Smallmouth Bass, a super feisty fish that gave him a great fight.
Some big fish jumping, not sure if Musky do that randomly out in the middle of the lake or if those were carp or something, no clue here.
Larry researched and hypothesized that since it was cooler and apparently they are adding water to raise the level a bit, the musky were just off the bite with all the coolness.
We saw our fish last week during mid day sun, so perhaps the warmth gives them a boost, so no early starts for us, next trip will be and afternoon/evening run.
Anyhow, more learnings and chilling with Larry is always a good time!
Stay tuned as Larry and Daves big adventure continues :)

Larry, stoked for some action and first Smallmouth on the fly!

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