South Sound Cutts?

Has anyone been chasing cutts within a half hours boat drive from point defiance? I have not been out for cutts yet this year because it's usually better in the summer. I am going to try for them this sunday, any reports would be much apreciated.THANKS. :THUMBSUP

C'mon hasn't anyone been out in the sound lately with there fly rod. Oh well I guess I will have to go check it out my self on sunday. Any good camp grounds on the North Fork Stillie in late July for a four or five day stleelhead trip. This will be are first time up there so hopfully a few of you guys can help me out.THANKS :THUMBSUP


I've been out on the Sound 5 of the past 7 days. IMHO & FWIW, one beach is as good as another: I've been skunked all 5 days - not a single hit and nothing sighted and that's after fishing one of my "honey holes." Hopefully, its just me and others have had better success. Looking back through my logs, I was catching a good number of resident Coho in late June last year...not the case this year. Did WDFW reduce/eliminate hatchery production of Coho last year? My casting has certainly improved from all the practice, so I guess that's a good thing.
been hitting the evening around fox island and area with no success. been working to long and hard for any serious fishing thou, not my normal self these days, but will have a 16 ft duroboat with a 40 horse yamaha and and 9.9 kicker. gonna put down a chunky down payment. but been fishing the southsound for the first time serouisly with a fly rod and hard to say but am 0 for i think 9 or 10 days down there. I think I'll stick to the central and north sound. been bass fishin at night thou a few times and had some good success with this full moon and long nights. go to some body of water at 1 in the morning you dont even need a flashlight.

EXCELLENT tides for fishing the piers this week but especcially the weekend. 12.0 at 10.30 pm then i think 11 the next day. large schools of dogs and skates should be cruisin to fix your big fish jones. try it nice weather with a large fish every 10 minutes or so in the right area. 6-8 lb test with dacron or steel leaders of course. some are pushin the 10 lb range. one of you try so I dont seem like a lame f**k. :AA
Fished the south sound saturday morning incoming tide for the sea-run cutts. They were quite fond of a small pink shrimp pattern, olive wooly buggers, and a white/peacock clouser. Managed to land 6 or 7 about 10 inches. Plenty of sculpin also. No monsters, but still a successful morning.

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There is only one camp ground on the N/Fork Stilly. It is called Squire creek camp ground and it isn't very big. It's between White horse and Darrington. Above the hatchery. There are a few camp grounds on the Sauk above Darrington. Jim S.


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Went out on saturday- won't tell where but a good hint is to always fish near creek mouths. On the incoming tide between 7 and 9, caught 5 cutts ranging from 7-13 inches. FISH ON THE SURFACE!!

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