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By my count there are four of us. Might as well live it up and go with three patterns. That's only nine flies beyond what you'd keep for yourself. I can manage that in a few weeks.
So a total of 9 flies of each pattern for a total of 27 flies?

Sounds good.
Oops. I guess that was confusing. I meant one fly for each of the three patterns (so in total you would tie 3 of each fly). Multiples of each fly would be great, but 27 seems like a lot. Let's do two of each instead (that makes for 18 flies). I'll change the instructions.


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I've got my flies tied; six each of three patterns, which works out to two flies of each pattern for each participant. I don't think they'll get into the mail until Monday.

john gates

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Did I forget to ozium my flies or are they unfishable and I need to hold my head in shame? I sure hope I didn't disappoint and also ide like to say I am very happy with all of the excellent ties I received today. @Philonius we could meet up. Haha stream side skunk cabbage is strong down here but the fish never mind.


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Oh no, I love 'em, it's just that they're just so imaginatively colorful. It's totally unlike anything I'd normally tie for myself, which is the cool thing about swaps. You're pretty much sure to end up with something new and different than what's already in your fly box. I don't doubt they'd work, and yeah, visibility is good.
We've been known to occasionally have some skunk cabbage around here too.

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