Super complicated Dragon fly patterns


Out fishing today I noticed the bass have completely keyed in on dragon flies. They weren't interested in anything on top that popped or subsurface patterns that have been decent producers. The dragon flies were out thick as thieves. Every couple minutes I'd here a toilet flush. Usually in shallows, around the edges of lily pads or grass beds, and a few times in deeper water (10ft). I tossed out the only dry fly I had with me ( a deer hair caddis sort of thing) and let it sit, gave it a twitch and a nice little LM sucked it up. Not having any dragon fly patterns I raced home to tie some up. Here's the kicker. I've never tied a dragon fly and it turns out they are a total PITA. Anybody know of a good pattern that doesn't take a half hour to tie???? Here's what I came up with. Floats on its side every cast...


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I tie a Damselfly pattern that might be close enough to a dragon for your purposes. The first couple were challenging but then I got the hang of it and was able to crank them out. Tightline Productions, on YouTube.



Perfect. Thanks man. I like the fact that aside from the antron its all natural materials. Seems a bit more gratifying than lashing a bunch of foam to a hook

I took that foam monstrosity out last night and tricked a couple bluegill with it but no bass.

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