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less, more, whatever. been tied up for the last couple days, but should be back in tying mode by the end of the week. i'm soooo far behind on this year's flies, i'll just put these on the top of the to-tie list.



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Here is what I'm thinking guys. 4 flies of two patterns each per person. So you send me 20 flies total, 10 of one pattern and ten of another? Since we have 6 total but you don't need to tie for self.

Last minute anyone else interested?
Oh hell. I'm way out of tying practice, but I feel sorry for @b_illymac. I can't handle the thought of tear stains on his shiny new vise, so I will throw my hat into the ring. You guys might end up with a dumpster fire of a terrestrial fly, but you'll get something.

On second thought, maybe I will break the rules and tie up some extraterrestrial flies.


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