Golden Stone Nymph SBS


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A variation on many standard Stonefly Nymphs using rubber legged dubbing from FTD. More complicated than is needed, but a fun fly to tie and it gives me some confidence. Here you go C&CRods.

Hook: Daiichi 730 or similar long shanked hook #6 or #8
Bead: 3/16" Gold Tungsten
Feelers and Tail: Amber goose biots
Abdomen: Mixture of rabbit, antron and Angora Goat to suit your taste
Rib: Amber v-rib or equivalent
Wing cases: turkey coated with Mod Podge or similar
thorax: Kraken, Sea Dragon, or big bopper dubbing
Additional weight: 0.030 lead or lead free wire

Tie in feelers. Half hitch and cut thread. Install the bead and move it all the way forward. Wrap lead forward form the rear and push it firmly against the bead (leave enough room to tie in v-rib behind the lead in the next step). Discourage the lead from movement with some thread wraps. Dub a small dubbing ball at tail location. This ball is used to split the tail. Tie in tail. 3.JPG
Tie in the V-rib so that it butts up against tail. Make one wrap of dubbing behind the v-Rib and then dub a tapered abdomen to the 1/2 way point on the hook shank. It is important not to go farther forward than this with the abdomen. 4.JPG
Wrap v-rib forward. Tie off very securely. This is the most likely place for the fly to fall apart if not tied down hard. Note the small dubbing area forward of the rib. This is needed to help seat the wing case properly.
Prepare a slip of turkey wing so that it looks like this. I got this primary wing feather from a buddy. It works fine as long as it has been coated with some sort of glue before hand- otherwise it will split when you try and use it. 6.JPG
Tie in the first wing case on top of the dubbing. The additional turkey going forward adds to the bulk of the thorax which is a good thing. I like to put a thin coat of UV on top of the wing case for durability. This adds about a minute to the tying time for this fly if you do this to all three sections. 8.JPG
Spin some FTD rubber leg dubbing in a dubbing loop and wrap. Stroke back the dubbing as you wrap so that the dubbing doesn't become trapped under the next wrap.You don't need much-there are two more wing cases to go. Sweep the loose dubbing down and to the sides of the fly. 9.JPG
Add the second wing case and the second loop of dubbing in the same manner as the first ones. 10.JPG
Prepare the third wing case, but measure and cut this one to size before tying in. The makes the head neater than if it is trimmed after installation. 11.JPG
Tie in last wing case and dub a small head with the abdomen dubbing. Whip finish. Tease out dubbing if you wish. It probably won't be needed.


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Very nice! Not tying tonight but I have to get this on the list of flies to get done now, thanks a bunch! Great SBS thesankers

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