Pattern Thinking Spring

Jeremy Husby

Is there a Vahalla for fishermen?
Winter fishing leaves allot of time to tie new things for spring. Here are a few pattern that could be usefull to the board during these short days and long nights. The squater is one of the two flies I use for trout the other being a HB royal coachmen (a coachmen tied with the foam in it). The other two flies are just new ideas that I thought could work this summer.:

1) HB Brown squater
t: Micro Fibbets
b: Dubbing
th: Foam over more dubbing
h: Fur. Brown Hackle
w: Couple stands of krystal flash​

2) Purple Glass Prawn
t: Buck Tail
b: Pearl glass beads
bh: Purple Hen
w: Black russian squirrel
thrt: Pearl krystal flash
c: Purple pheasant rump
tied low water style​

3) Loki's Paw
t: Black rabbit strip
b: Artic fox in dubbing brush
c: Large red guinea​


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