DIY rod racks

Anyone made anything that they can share pics of? Thinking of something basic like this.....Doesn't need to be elaborate or fancy. I could dress it up by doing reclaimed wood, but that is about it. Have use of some tools but never done much woodwork so it almost has to be basic. I think I could pull off the below and have it look decent.

Share pics if you have anything.



Active Member
I just use an empty wine box from Trader Joe's, with the little dividers, but it's in the corner of my closet and not on display...
I really LOVE a nice rack! ;)
Especially one that holds the rod nicely....second time I have walked into something like this unintentionally lately. My other thread asked whether people like slow, med, or fast action. I am usually the one with my mind in the gutter so not sure how I keep missing the secondary meaning.

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