Bauer LM2 reel with Orvis Wonderline WF5F

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I have a used Bauer LM2, matte black finish, loaded with nearly new Orvis Wonderline, in a yellowish color, WF5F. The reel has a few nicks in it but nothing major. It is used but in great shape. Excellent reel for the $$$. I paid 150.00 for it and fished it only a few times since I got it. It has been an excellent reel on the few occassions I used it. I have to sell to make room for a new Loop reel that I couldnt pass up.

REtail is $235.00 for the reel and line is another $50.00 so best offer around $140.00 (ish). Thanks....and sorry, no trades this time.


LM2 Reel - The Bauer LM2, or Little Mac 2 Reel, is a lighter and simplified version of their popular M2 Mackenzie reel. The differences that separate the Little Macs from the Mackenzie series are that these economical reels use a matte black finish, a Delrin® handle, a softer line out click, a basic spool venting and a round drag adjustment knob where the Mackenzie has its star knob. Bauer Little Macs are an excellent alternative for cost-conscious anglers, or people who find themselves limited to fishing once or twice each season.

A quality reel at a economical price
Line Weight: 4-6
Capacity + Backing: WF5+ 125 yd. 20 lbs.
Made in the USA
Diameter: 3.25 in.
Weight: 4.9 oz.
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