Mayflies in the home

I found several of these tiny dancers on windowsills around the house--indoors. If I had to tie an imitation I'd use a size 24 or 26 hook.
No. Zoom in. They had the classic "praying mayfly" pose.

C'mon now I may not be great at mayfly species ID but I can differentiate a mayfly from a cranefly and a termite. Both of those have wings that are horizontal over their backs. These were upright wings, vertical in orientation to their body plane.
Well crap. Back to remedial class for me.
I did think the "fuzzy" antennae seemed strange.

Guess I need to stop throwing out half assed WAGs.
If you were in Italy, I would've said, "Baetis rhodani!" Very common here, hatches all year round, more or less the same color and size as yours. It'd be interesting to see if Roger can pin down the species. Did you take other photos?


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