Mayflies in the home

Matt B

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If you were in Italy, I would've said, "Baetis rhodani!" Very common here, hatches all year round, more or less the same color and size as yours. It'd be interesting to see if Roger can pin down the species. Did you take other photos?

Yes but not sure they will help. I posted what I thought was the best one first. But here ya go: image.jpeg


Jim Ficklin

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Thanks, Taxon - I envy your huge wealth of knowledge. Being an old Montana boy, I'd tie on something gray that approximate size, lol. A large flight of Dragonflies fed voraciously on these yesterday. Dragons don't interest my current bird dog, but they would have flat worn-out my last Lab with their aerobatic maneuvers & sheer numbers. It's no small wonder that I rarely see a mosquito around here. I have no standing water in the yard but we did have rain yesterday - I have no clue from whence the critters originated, although there was a shuck near one.


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You are certainly welcome. Callibaetis don't require much water. They have even been known to emerge from a tipped over wheelbarrow that still held some rainwater. :)


That is one screwed up female Callibaetis to lay her eggs in a wheelbarrow!

Or maybe not. Probably not much to worry about trout eating your young in a wheelbarrow.

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