Lenice Lk.

It's been a few weeks since I've been there, just wondering if anyone has been there lately. Damsel nymphs still doing the trick?

With all the rain and such, I may just head east Sat or Sun. (of course it will rain there too, but at least I'll be casting a fly!)

Thanks for any update info.


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Did the evening fish on Monday and found it difficult after a very warm day. Did finally hookup on a 20" Bow on a small damsel. The fish seem to be down deep or in very shallow water where they are easily spooked.

The rain and a little wind will help the fishing this weekend.

Good Luck!

thx for the info guys!

I agree, the infamous windy conditions and cool rain may help out vs the HOT HOT stuff. Just finished tying up some light olive/tan marabou damsels on #12 200R's (weighted), what has worked well for me in the past in the channels between the islands on a II sink tip.

I'm leaving in a few hrs. to head east, have Goretex will travel :)

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