Fishing in Wenatchee area

FFGrandpa My grandson and I (along with wife and mother-in-law) will be visiting family in Wenatchee in mid July. I've booked a float trip on the Yakima- hopefully this will put the grandson on some fish (if I catch a few, that's OK) Should make some memories he can tell his grandchildren. He and I will "need" some before breakfast/after dinner fishing while in Wenatchee. Also plan to spend 2 days in Seattle on the way home. Any suggestion?? Thanks in advance. This site has a nice feel to it!!!!!!

o mykiss

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FFGrandpa: I think the options for fishing near Wenatchee are pretty few and far between. Most if not all of the streams near there (including all of the Wenatchee River) are closed because of ESA listings of steelhead (and I think in some streams dollies/bull trout). (Some parts of Nason Creek and the Entiat River are open, but check regs. carefully. Icicle Creek by Leavenworth may be open - again check regs carefully.) Beehive Resevoir, Lilly Lake and Clear Lake up on the Wenatchee Heights should be open, and although these have historically been worm bucket, beer can put and take affairs, at least some of them are under selective gear rules for parts of the summer and I've heard some local flyfishers have had good experiences up there.
I'm a Wenatchee guy. The other post is correct not much nearby. There are a couple of nice streams where you can catch 6-14 inchers to your hearts content. They are about a 45-60 minute drive, however. I'll occasionally make an evening out of it with one of my little girls (they usually only last an hour or so and then they want to go home.) E-mail me if you'd like more details and if these places further out may work. I tend to prefer creeks and rivers over lakes for fishing, but that's just me!
Thanks Tom, Those creeks sound like what I'm after. Size is not as important as some action to put a bend in the rod. At 12 years old, my grandson would be happier with several small fish caught than a bigger fish not caught (heck, that works for me, too!!!) He has a good understanding of why C&R is necessary- so taking fish home is not required. I would appreciate any local inside secret info that you would be willing to share. Thanks, Richard