Have You Ever Caught the Same Fish?


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I've actually done this twice, which is why I only fish one fly anymore.

Fish took top water fly, had on for a few seconds...the "pause" from coming unbuttoned, then bottom fly snagged fish (1) right at adipose fin, the other at the base of the tail.

Healthy fish in the upper teens, are hard to bring to hand when snagged like that on a wimpy 4wt.
Which is probably why you can only use one fly per line in BC. One of the Canadians I met called the double fly rig the "$150.00 cocktail".

btw, I don't use no stinking 4 weights! ;-)


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Very interesting thread. I have caught the same trout a couple times. Once on the very next cast. One of the most memorable was swinging a black bugger on an eastern wa stream for planted rainbows and hooking an 11" fish that already had a leader hanging out of its mouth. The interesting part was that the leader hanging out his mouth was a bait leader with a loop on the end...my fly found its way into the open loop, not the mouth of fish. Crazy...

Another time, I landed an 8lb older summer run in late fall. My buddy with me that day saw the fish and markings and said he landed the exact same fish in the exact same spot a few days prior. This same buddy called me on a mid summer day many years ago and exclaimed to have been having a difficult time hooking summer runs because of a kamikaze fire engine red sockeye that would attack anything in the general area, and had staked out a great steelhead run. I thought this odd, since sockeye were not supposed to exist in this particular watershed. I'll be dammed if I didn't go to this drift and there he was, taken up residence with all the steelhead. First cast and the sockeye is taking off after my offering, ended up hooking the damn thing and spooking every steelhead. This went on for about a week until the sockeye moved on. Caught the damn thing 3-4 times.

Just goes to show that cnr works, and some fish will bite anything, while others won't bite for nothing. That's why I love to fish. Expect the unexpected.....


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This is a personally demeaning thread. Fish are predicable but it only becomes obvious when you fish the same water frequently, which I do. As a steelheader this really sucks because I gotta catch one once before I can catch it twice.
This is a personally demeaning thread. Fish are predicable but it only becomes obvious when you fish the same water frequently, which I do. As a steelheader this really sucks because I gotta catch one once before I can catch it twice.
You're doing it all wrong brah.

You fish it one day, the next day, the river is full of "new fish.

The fish you had on yesterday, is about 4-5 miles up stream by now.

I just saved you $350 in guide fees brah.


Seems like everyone has, but I once caught the same possum three times... Who can top that?
I have caught the same snag over and over again....

From the responses, it is obvious that we give fish far too much credit for their ability to learn what they can and can not eat.
I have a 20" brown trout friend. He lives below a culvert on a small spring creek close to town. Last year, I had him on, but was using 6x, not anticipating fighting a monster trout. This year, I came at him with a streamer and 1x. He went airborne and my fly went in the bushes. I'll get back to him next year.
Don't do it man...

Let that puppy be your "nemesis".
After you catch him, the thrill will be gone. :(

Oh who am I kidding?! A Sculpzilla otta do it!

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This isn’t exactly a same fish story but one time while spinner fishing a stocked lake I witnessed what looked like a hawk swooping down and grabbing a bow. The hawk looked like it was holding the fish by a portion of line that had broken off, and subsequently drops afore mentioned bow back into the lake with an audible slap. Fast forward to me feeling a tug on my line... I end up not catching a fish but the line hanging off the hook in its mouth. After landing the fish I notice the claw marks from the hawk.

This is when I decided to take a break from spinners and stocked lakes and instead go to clean un-trashed out rivers with my fly rod.
ive caught the same (nice) fish as a another local in the same spot a month apart.

ive probably caught the same fish twice without knowing it, since ive fished the same spots for years for residents.
I have told this story before - but I was fishing a stillwater next to a friend in our pontoon boast. My friend catches a small 10 inch trout. He did net the fish, he took out the fly out and threw it the side of the pontoon, with some line and the fly was dangling about a foot under the surface. He releases the fish from the net, and the damn thing sees the fly and zips over and takes it again :). So the second time he released this little guy - he made sure he kept the fly in the boat :). Either that fish was extremely hunger or extremely stupid.


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I fished a small creek over on the dry side, three years in a row. I dropped my fly in the little eddy and caught a small rainbow. I fished the same eddy three different times and each time I caught a bigger fish. The rip rack rock there created a small eddy about 12" in dia.
This summer I caught the same fish 2.5 times. Decent 15 inch brown, first time I tied a poor knot and left the hook in his mouth. The second encounter was in the same hole three days later. I used the same fly pattern to hook and land him this time and was even able to retrieve my previous fly. The third time was about a month and a half down the road in the same hole. I was using the same pattern again(I like to believe it was possibly the retrieved fly) and landed him once more. I have photos somewhere if anyone would care to see.

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