Have You Ever Caught the Same Fish?


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I have but not on a fly rod. Long ago, in a galaxy far away, I used to spend much time on the bow of a bass boat covered with multiple gear rods. I had one fish with a split caudal fin that I caught multiple times, on different days in the same spot. I named him fred.

Fred disappeared one day never to be seen again by me.

I just realized how old this thread is. I hate it when that happens.....nevermind.

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that's His Lordship, to you.....
Hate to bring up a year old thread but what am I missing here?
nah...it's, or was, on Silver King Creek in Lower Fish Valley, in the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness in CA. that may have been the paramount reason why their fish&game dept tried several times to sterilize the entire stream.
I've seen idiots snag the same fish i just released, then measure it, weigh it, take a million pictures! The story on Facebook must be awesome too! :rolleyes:


Caught the same hatchery steelhead 3 times in about 2.5 hours drift fishing a SixPack. I watched it move a few feet to grab the bug 3 different times. I'd let it rest, come back, launch a cast upstream and pull the fly away from the fish to see if it'd chase and it would. You could see the white mouth snapping trying to catch up with the bug. Fun times.
I've caught the same Pass Lake brown three times. Nice fish too.
On a couple rivers this summer I caught the same fish twice on separate occasions. One fish took the fly in the same way both times: Jumping 100% out of the water with fly in mouth.
I probably caught this one large Bull Trout three or four times in the exact same spot over the course of a summer.

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