Manastash Lk.?

I've read about Manastash Lk. S/W of Ellensburg having a good supply of brookies.

Where is this lake exactly???

I've looked all over my WA ST. Gazattere Topos and can't seem to locate it. Anybody ever been up there and if so what is the location and entry point (ie FS road#)?

I've heard it is 4x4 only type road - but my truck is a stock non-modified 4x4 with about 12" clearance - would it make it up or is it for Jeepers only?

Thanks for any info.

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Go to Page 50 col 1A top of the page. Or to page 66 col D1 lower left hand corner. It shows a dirt road part way and a trail the rest of the way. It winds by Lost lake and then the one you mentioned.

If you have this map Washington Road and Recreation Atlas it shows it all with out having to go from page to page. Page 86 middle of the page. Jim S.:THUMBSUP
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Dry Fly

I have been to Manastash Lk. many times and yes it has a good supply of brookies that average 8-12 inches. The Access is off Manastash road where there is a trail head parking lot marked as such. You will need a federal pass to park vs the state utilization pass you received with your fishing lic.. From the trail head it is about a 4.5 to 5 mile hike to the lake you will pass Lost Lake on the way which by the way you should never pass up as it holds lots of brookies and bows as well. The hike on a scale of 1-10 is a 5 when it comes to the ease of hiking..
I have always found July - September to be the best months for a visit or better yet visits. There is also a very remote 4x4 road that gets you close to the lake but I feel the hike just adds that extra touch to make the whole outing that much more memorable.:THUMBSUP
So many fish so little time.


I was just reading my post, sorry the hike is a 1.5 to mile hike not a 4.5 to 5 mile hike. Sorry for the confusion:AA

Jim A.

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