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Trevor Hutton
I am most likely going in a family outing at lake curlew in a few weeks and was wondering if anybody has ever fished it and to what degree of sucess? I heard that you can pick up some trout on flys around the edges and some bass too, but was wondering if anything has worked for anybody here. Is there anywhere closeby to wet a line if curlew isn't workin' for me? - Thanks
If Curlew isn't doing too well you may have some success at a few smaller lakes that are about 12 - 15 miles south & slightly east of Republic, the town near Curlew Lake. We travelled along the San Poil river road for maybe 7-8 miles before turning right to get in there. I don't recollect names but "Fish" lake rings a bell for one of them There is a larger lake further back on that road that is articial lures only and reportedly has some good size trout in it.
Go about 6 mi. south of Republic, then 7 mi. up Scatter Creek Rd. to access Swan, Long, Fish & Ferry lakes. All within a 3-4 mi. area. Long is flyfishing only, the others are general regs. We just returned from 4 days up there, all lakes produced well for us, we strictly flyfished. Nice cuts in long and rainbow in the others.
Fish till ya drop.
Then suck it up
and fish the evening hatch.

I used to fish Curlew lake often years ago. It was wonderfull flyfishing for many years in shoal areas in the South end and shallow buys and coves with chronomids or nymphs esp. Carrie Specials.

Then more recently as the Squawfish (Aka Northern Pike Minnow) increased they became so dominant it's difficult to catch a trout in shallow water now. They just don't seem to be there anymore but you can nail Squawfish all day if you want to.
They still troutfish it with flys but it's mostly those large Carrie styles on leaded lines fished over deep water. It's not really flyfishing, it's trolling flys.
Hey, if you haven't gone yet, I've got a bit of info about Curlew. My folks have a place there on the lake and we fish it alot. Good fishing for the bows in the evenings. They do a lot of baitfishing at night off the docks with success. As far as the squawfish go, yeah, they're a problem. But WDFW have put in tiger muskies recently (I think 3-4 years ago? not sure) which they hope will cull some of the squaws and have limited impact on the stocked rainbows. I don't know how well it's worked with the rainbows but it seems to have worked with the bass in the lake. I think the muskies have thinned out what seemed to be a stunted largemouth population. They seem to be larger than they used to be...though I don't have any quantitative data on that one for you. We've just seem some big bass and hadn't seen many large ones in the past. But my Dad got a tiger muskie off his dock on a bamboo flyrod! That's a demographic that doesn't occur too much! Occasionally, you'll run into a 20-24'' carryover. Fat pigs, they are!

Anyways, I can concur regarding the other lakes, swan, ferry, etc. My dad and I did a loop in our float tubes over about 1.5 hours and I caught 31 rainbows. It's dependent on the stocking regime however. Every single on of those 31 was between 12 and 13''--all hatchery clones! But good fun on a #4. I think I got em on a sink tip and a green carey special (along with a sunburn).

Have fun and, to everyone else, I'm new here and find it very nice to read about the listed subjects. I am abroad doing a Master's in Aquatic Science...and I'm missing Washington. Have a good summer on the water.

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