Estate planning

As it relates to all of my fishing gear.

So I was talking to the wife about our retirement yesterday and started thinking about what would happen if I catch the fish of a lifetime and then bite the big one? (My preferred exit strategy).

I could just have her donate it all to some charity. But who would want to get saddled with a bunch of old gear? It would be a lot of work selling it all. And at best getting say ten grand. What with the boats and all.

Thought about a group that could use some of it. But they
Would still have to have someone spend the time going through everything and selling what they can't use.

Of course I'm hoping that this is years and years away. Just don't want her saddled with all of it. She would probably just take it all to goodwill!:eek:

I've seen the same thing at my club. But as it's mostly duffers, the gear doesn't tend to sell very well.

Hell, our club president made a beautiful wood pram. It got no bids at the Christmas auction. I ended up buying it after for fair market value.

It would be a ton of work for someone to try to move it all. Not to mention store it until they did.
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Jim Ficklin

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PHW sounds like a worthy idea. In my case since my Kids don't fish, the majority of mine will go to my fav Nephew (aka the one who has always stayed in-touch with his aging uncle; Sue would kill me all over again if I gave him my 1 weight, lol.); he can share/distribute as/if he sees fit to do. Of 11 Nephews, all of whom I taught to fish/hunt/tie flies/etc., only Ron has always remained close - I guess in part maybe because we were both the wild, black sheep of the family at one time during our misspent youth, but he has earned full claim to a treasure trove of fly fishing gear/tying equipment and accessories. And I know it will get used.
Just an idea as of now. I'm sure Jerry could get Somone to head it up. In a few years I could volunteer. We can never repay our soldiers enough. Chime in Jerry when you get a chance


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When my buddy Charles walked out his front door and keeled over (massive heart attack) I helped his ex-wife (yes, ex) price a lot of his gear. Charles was in his late 60's and had accumulated gear all his life (and at one time had been in the fly fishing business. The ex was having an "estate sale". Charles had a few split cane rods, a few old Hardy reels and lots and lots and lots of "other fly gear". Sold a split cane rod on eBay and one of the old reels.

Like @Old406Kid, I feel sorry for my wife. I have way too much stuff and no one in my family is remotely interested in fly fishing. My fly club? Nyeh, don't think so. PHW? Maybe but Jerry's on the other side of the mountains. Doesn't seem to be a really good way to recoup much of the gears value but then if my wife actually knew the real $ value, uh....... I might be on the couch (that's a joke, sort of).

Like Jeff, hopefully I still have years to go and can slowly downsize gear (why the heck did I just buy a reel, spool and two lines from WFF classifieds?).


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PHW? Maybe but Jerry's on the other side of themountains.

I think Rick Newman runs a chapter in Spokane. I gave them some fly tying material seveal years ago.
Jeff, think of your fishing buddies! I would remember you with every cast of your gear.

(Of course, odds I'll kick the bucket before you.)
Steve, of course! I'll just make up a list of guys for the wife to contact. Kinda like a fisherman's wake.

She can give everything away as door prizes. Donation at the door. I'll have to think about this idea a little, but I like where it's going.

Of course I'll have to earmark the 389-LL.;)
I won't have any of these issues when I look the wrong way in front of a bus. Who wants a beat up 5wt and a roundie...probably go curbside on that Thursday :D

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