Easy to tie Steelhead...


Needs to fish more..
I am a beginner fly tier / steelhead fisherman and would like to start making some steelhead flies.
Does anyone have some easy to tie patterns????

Jerry Daschofsky

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I live right down the road from you (NE Tacoma, next to Twin Lakes). If you wanted to stop by, could help you out.

But bunny leeches and simple hairwings work well.

o mykiss

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Until you get into the realm of traditional spey flies, some steelhead dries (where competence in spinning deer hair may be required) and a few complicated traditionals like the General Practitioner, most steelhead flies are pretty easy to tie. If you can learn to tie one standard hairwing, like a Green Butt Skunk, you can tie any other hairwing, like purple perils, street walkers, coal cars, undertakers, etc., because the basic formula is the same. In my mind, the most complicated tying skill you need for these kinds of flies - other than getting the proportions right on the wing and hackle collar and having a nice tight whip-finished head - is dubbing, but you can bypass that by using chenille or yarn instead of dubbing the body. So, if I were you, I'd go find a recipe for a Green Butt Skunk (e.g., try the angelfire website) and practice that until you feel like you have it down pretty well, then move on to other hairwings - the possibilities are endless. And I would agree with spanishfly that ESLs and woolly buggers are good easy patterns to start with. The first fly I ever tied was an ESL. Once you have the hairwing patterns down, you can move on to marabou flies. Although learning how to use marabou is a little more complicated than what it takes to tie standard hairwings, with some practice you can master marabous pretty quickly too and they make for some killer steelhead flies.

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