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I'm starting to plan my trip to fish the Missouri this summer and wondering about where you guys would suggest I might want to call home for a few weeks. I'm hearing Craig is probably the best centrally located. Thinking from Holter Dam down to ?...I am looking to tent camp with all the things my girlfriend would want to have. You know, bathrooms, shower, electricity and the like. Any suggestions would be great.

When Whitey and I were there last fall, we stayed at the state camp ground right at the boat launch in Craig. It was a great camp site right on the river and really cheap ($10 or 15) if I remember right. It was about a 1 minute walk to Isaaks, an AWESOME restuarant/bar in town, which was great when we were walking back hammered late that night! ptyd

I bought a shirt there that says "Small drinking town with a big fishing problem"- it's totally true! I can't wait to get back there next summer/fall!!
Craig is your best bet if you're looking for amenities to suit your girlfriend's needs. There's a small campground located at the takeout right in Craig. There's a few fly shops and guide services that can probably point you in the direction of a shower in town. Up river there's another campground at the wolfcreek bridge. Kinda open and when the wind kicks up you're pretty exposed. I always camp right below Holter Dam. There's a campground right before the boat ramp with shelters and bathrooms. No showers though. Tell your girlfriend you're roughing it and there's no showers! The fishing is very worth it. 40-50 fish days are not uncommon but fishing can be frustrating during the trico hatches.

Floated from Holter to Craig for 3 days last May and had a ball! What time of the year are you headed up? River can get weedy during July when the lake is turning over.

Camp host at Holter Dam is Thomas Evans (406) 439-1200. I think he's there from May through August. Good guy who might be able to get you more info.

Hope that helps!
Hi Greg,
I second/third the campground at Craig. Not to many sites and you can only stay there for 7 days in a row, but it's right on the river, next to a launch/pullout and as CWGgirl says, walking distance to the bar! They were just starting work on the new bridge when I was there last spring and I'm not sure how far along they have gotten yet, it may be a noise factor.
If your interested, look for a book by Trapper Badovinac on fishing the Mo, available at he gives info on riverside campsites and hatches.

Hope this helps!



AKA: Gregory Mine
Thanks guys, this is so helpful. I plan on being there late June, early July. Regarding the campsites, do they get packed and you have a tough time getting a spot? Any suggestions on floating so you end up at Craig, where we can just pull out, and pass out? Is the Holter to Craig too long, or is it better to do the drift from wolfcreek to Craig. I'm working on maps and stuff right now. I know it's really early, but I'm sure those of you that have been there can understand my excitment.. I have a lot to learn and know and I thank you for all your suggestions. I'm printing these as fast as they appear. I can taste the cold beer right now...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :thumb:



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All I can say is go do this trip. In September of 1999 my friend and I floated below the dam on the Missouri with a guide (our first guided trip) and were wondering if the 3 bills we paid would be worth it. Well at the time we were both what I would call advanced beginner fly fisherman and the guide really put us on the fish. We both caught at least 40 each. Browns and lots of big 22 in plus fish...In my opinion, it was one of my best ever days on the water.

Good luck
I was in Craig in October, so I can't really speak for the crowd you might see in June/July. There aren't many camping spots in the camp ground in Craig so getting one could be an issue. There's a larger camp ground past the dam on the lake, if Craig's was full.

The float from the dam to Craig is perfect. I think we floated it in 6 hours. You can't beat the scenery!

Definitely eat at Isaaks at least once for dinner. I would never have guessed you could get food that good out in the middle of nowhere! :beer2:


AKA: Gregory Mine

I'm there at the restaurant, thats a given. just hate going into a place and still up in the air about where to stay. I would much rather camp at the end than the start of the drift... any fly suggestions?


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