WFF Donations For 2016 Nw Phwff 2 Fly Event

Jerry Daschofsky

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The time has come again. We're about 1 month out from the 2 Fly, which will be held on September 10th. I'd like to have account closed as of September 1st. That'll give me time to have money transferred to my bank account and I can do the shopping. This year I'm shooting for paying for just the food, since we've received enough monetary donations recently to pay for a lot of the other expenses. So this year, I'm shooting for $2500. That'll pay for all food for the 2 Fly. There are two ways to donate. You can send me a check (payable to me) or send me payment via Paypal. All donations are tax deductible. I will make an "in kind" donation form for every donation I get

If donating via Paypal, please send as a "gift" to a friend. That way they don't deduct from your donation. If you do send via paypal, PLEASE also send me a conversation/PM with your name and address so I can do the in kind donation form. I do believe you don't have the option to add that in the remarks if it's a "gift" via paypal. I may be wrong. My account on paypal is [email protected]

You can also send me a check. I have an account set aside just for Project Healing Waters. Please have checks made out to me. Also enclose a note saying who you are on the board and what name/address you want the "in kind" donation form to be sent to.

Jerry Daschofsky
25902 70th Avenue East
Graham, WA 98338

Thank you again for all the donations of gear and monies over the year. It has helped a lot and have made our program so successful.
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Can't donate financially this year, but I can ask if we can donate some wine or something from my company for an auction or even tie some flies if that would help. Have a TFO 5wt, well used, I would be happy to send your way if you can use it too!

Scott Salzer

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Nice on the bump, Jeff.

Come on people, I know that "we" can piss away $25plus $'s in heart beat, at least I know I can. Every little bit will help Jerry hit(?) his goal.

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Jerry Daschofsky

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It picked up and dropped off. I have to check some incoming mail I didn't get to this weekend. But sitting around the $1,100 mark. I won't feel safe until around the $2,000 mark.

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