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I'm going to be in Anacortes for a wedding... where can I kill sometime fishing? I'm also going to be in Seattle (Renton) for the week. Any suggestions? I'd love to go for salmon or steelhead. Thanks!

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if you are in anacortes, there are a few good lakes on whidbey. pass lake and cranberry lake are near each other on the north end of the island. pass lake is fly fishing only, cranberry, located inside the state park, has more liberal regs. as a kid we used to get crawdads out of the lake for dinner, i'm not sure if they are still in there, but it might make for an interesting fly choice. down on the south end of the island is lone lake, it received new regs last year, so there should be some pretty big trout in there. they were big without the regulations, so that is a nice choice. there are also a few bass in lone lake also, quite a few years ago it was a bass lake until they poisoned it and then stocked it with trout.
good luck
Why not try beach-fishing for coho or pinks from the west side of Whidbey Island. It opens Aug 1, and should be good from the get-go, getting better through August. Try Bush or Lagoon Points, Fort Casey, or South Whidbey State Park. A six to eight weight rod, and intermediate line, and some pink-and-white or green-and-white clousers will do the trick for coho (I'm not sure about flies for pinks), and fish the rips during the tides. Early morning, late evening, or low-light cloudy conditions will be best. (You'll have plenty of company to show you where the holes are.)
Like Ray said, beach fishing would be a fun option for Silvers and Pinks, but Fort Casey is also one of my favorite cutthroat spots in july and august. I usually use basic saltwater streamer patterns on an incoming tide with best success, but at Whidbey Island in particular, I've really slayed them on a low tide. Also, is the Ray Helaers that responded to the Whidbey message the same Ray Helaers that writes articles, and does From The Vise and Backlash in Fishing Holes magazine? If so, I'm a big fan of your writings.



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Is beach fishing during the rips in the tides for silvers and pinks also good a deception pass. What should i use (floating, sinking line, what flies?).
any help appreciated.
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