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I enjoy building fly rods , but can only use so many. So I have a few brand new rods that have been test cast but never fished. Fit finish are very nice and not your average home built rod. all the labels are printed not hand written for a professional look and I do not put my name on the rod.

- 10' 4wt 4pc, built on a Quickline blank, REC recoil single foot guide (very light and with only 1/2 the thread and epoxy they help reduce weight, especially on a 10' rod. Wraps are black and silver variegated with blue metallic trim at the ferrules. Very nice medium fast casting rod. Comes with sock and tube. $175 shipped (I have more in components into the rod and I am asking)
- 8'6" 4wt 4pc - this rod is built on a Cabelas blank, but these were made in the US by St. Croix for Cabelas. It has a nickel silver reel seat and winding check, Struble insert, snake brank universal guide (best guides made, period and expensive) and an H&H striper. Label is Gallatin River Special. Comes in a divided rod tube. This is a very nice medium/medium fast casting rod. You will not find this quality of components on a rod under $500. $160 shipped
- 9' 6wt 4pc - built on a T.L. Johnson blank with standard nice quality components. Wraps are brown that match the rod and tipped with gold metallic trim wraps, very sharp looking. Comes in a rod tube with dividers. $115
- 9' 8wt 4pc - built on a Cabelas blank also has standard nice quality components. Comes with a fighting but. The wraps are variegated green and black thread with black trim, very nice looking. Rod is labeled Grand Ronde Special. Comes in a tube and sock. 20160625_143548.jpg 20160625_143611.jpg 20160625_143618.jpg 20160625_143643.jpg 20160625_143654.jpg 20160625_143707.jpg 20160625_095442.jpg 20160625_095502.jpg 20160625_095521.jpg 20160625_095528.jpg 20160625_095550.jpg 20160625_144109.jpg 20160625_144128.jpg 20160625_144133.jpg 20160625_144140.jpg 20160625_144159.jpg 20160625_144400.jpg 20160625_144418.jpg 20160625_144408.jpg 20160625_144428.jpg 20160625_144502.jpg $115
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