FS Hardy "the Wye" 12'6" #9 Bamboo Spey Rod

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I have a Hardy Wye 12'6", #9, 3pc, 2 tips, bamboo spey rod for sale. Rod is from 1968, and is in excellent used condition. Ferrules are tight (maybe even a little tight, you might give them a cleaning), sections are straight, and wraps are in excellent condition. This rod is ready to be fished. Comes as pictured, no tube. my understanding is that the #9 on these does not necessarily correlate to a modern 9wt spey. Do your research, as I can't advise you on what line you would cast with this.

$325, shipping included, paypal preferred. you can PM or email me directly at: [email protected]

IMG_8149.jpg IMG_8150.jpg IMG_8151.jpg IMG_8152.jpg IMG_8153.jpg IMG_8159.jpg IMG_8161.jpg IMG_8162.jpg
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