Anyone experienced on the Spokane River?


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I have been trying to intice what appears to be some fairly big German Browns in the Spokane River and have had only one take, and of all things it was a stimulator. Does anyone fish the Spokane at all and if so any suggestions on these Browns and what to use or how to present? I am doing ok in all other areas but the Browns are stumping me :CONFUSED
I live just across the river from you in Otis Orchards. Kinda new to fly fishing and would like to learn more about the Spokane (particularly east of the Upriver dam.) Maybe we can pound away at them together.

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Jeff W.


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I have been hitting the North side of river between Harvard and Barker, closer to Barker, and they are going crazy right now. About and hour to an hour and 1/2 before dark the caddis start hatching and it usually gets fairly exciting with tons of spunk in the fish. Rough average of about 14 inches or so the last few weeks and on a good night for an average fisherman like myself I usually catch 4 or 5 in that time frame.

Where at in Otis...I grew up in Otis and my parents still live over there on Euclid. Did you go to school in the area also??

talk to you soon.


note: using the "tan x" in a 14...also a tan elk haired caddis or brown elk hair caddis...both available at Sportsmans Wharehouse for .89 if you dont tie your own??

Is the river still running high? I drove past there a week ago and the river was running wild. I will be in Post Falls for the 4th visiting the "In laws" and looking to do some fly fishing. I will be there on Wednesday night. I was going to head up to the little Coeur'd Alene river on Friday. But, I might hit the evening bite on the Spokane River. Can you tell me some parking area's were my wife and I can wade? Is it wadeable? I always see some good looking water along I90 just past the Idaho State line. Looks to be a park there? My wife grew up in Spokane and went to Central Valley, but never fished the river. Trying to convert her to our side!

Tight lines.

Scott Salzer

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Being from the west side, I have not had as much experience on the Spokane as the other posters. I have fished the Spokane near Stateline (during soccer tournaments over the Labor Day weekend). I was fortunate enough to pick up a couple of those browns on my first trip. I found them in the deeper holes and used larger WB's, size 4-6. Colors: Olive green with black maribou & black. Also picked up some rainbows on the same. Be sure to work the eddies behind the larger, exposed rocks. For the rainbows, try a soft hackle across the current. Hope this helps.


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Its wadeable now, definitely good eddies, wading pools, and room to cast and catch the fish, but not quite "crossing waters" yet. The thing quite a few people tend to overlook is the fact that just this side of the stateline are sections of "feeder water"...these areas are where the aquifer feeds into the river from below. This makes this side of the river colder, so.... Harvard road is a good place to park on the river and fish a little east towards stateline(but not too far maybe a couple hundred yards or so). You can also follow the river west from Harvard road towards Barker road by walking the river bank. In this stretch you should find quite a few "eddies" and fishable holes that are holding good browns and rainbows. I have been using the "tan x caddis" and it has been producing quite well the last week. You will probably need to head down river at least a good 5 to 10 minute walk before you start hitting the good holding waters??

I was in the North Fork of the Coeur D' Alene River area last weekend and it was way too high for wading. My younger brother got swept under and had quite a scare on the creek. We went all the way up from the Bumblebee area to Prichard Creek near Murray and its tributaries with no luck. I caught one rainbow about 10 inches and the other three individuals got skunked?? Definitely bigger fish over here in the Spokane, but??

Anyways good luck and have fun!


I'm just a little north of Buckeye (between Buckeye and Euclid). My backyard is on Barker. I did not grow up in Spokane, but we've lived here for 14 years.

E-mail me at [email protected] and I'll get in touch. Long weekend and I'd love to get a little of the river action.

Just read in the local paper that the upper Coeur d'Alene is getting better. Sure is pretty up that way.

Jeff W.

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