Caddis Id?


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Assuming it is an October Caddis, which I am unable to confidently verify from your photos, the scientific name would be either Dicosmoecus atripes or Dicosmoecus gilvipes.


The case making caddis are interesting critters. They will use whatever is available to build their cases. As an experiment, I know some wild and crazy entomologists took some "periwinkles" out of their normal cases and put them in an aquarium with nothing but bits and pieces of aluminum foil. Sure enough, the bugs used the aluminum foil to make their cases. They were not works of art but the bugs made due.

It also seems to me that someone was putting the little buggers to work building cases with precious stone pebbles and then selling the high priced cases for jewelry or whatever. I remember seeing advertisements for caddis made jewelry. If the bugs have nothing but diamonds and emeralds as building material for their cases, that's what they'll use.

Crafty little guys...
Just came across this thread. Matthaus, those are great pictures of the larva. Imitations of the naked larva are quite effective during some late summer afternoons, early evenings. I've been told that the larva abandon their cases and drift to new holding waters at that time. Can't claim I understand why, but I do know there is great fishing. Big fish, hard grabs.

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