2 Spots For Tuna On Sat Sep. 10


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Hi All,

Myself and another WFF member (ColtonM) have a tripped booked with Red Sky Charters out of Warrenton, OR this Saturday, September 10th. We have 4 people currently and need to fill 2 more spots!

Trip is $275 for fishing only, or $350 includes lodge stay the night before and meals. 2 of us will be giving fly fishing a shot but might also fish some gear. The other 2 in our group will be gear fishing only.

We will be traveling from Seattle on Friday after work, staying at the lodge, and fishing Saturday and returning to Seattle Saturday night.

Let me know if you're interested! We're a good group of guys and need two people to fill out our crew! Can even work with people on price if that really is a pain point.

PM me if you're interested!



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Good luck Ryder. I'll be taking a group of coworkers out with Chuck for a live bait trip this Thursday. All are tuna virgins, and with one exception, have limited fishing experience of any kind. Should be interesting.
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Just got off the phone with the Captain and the boat brought back 24 fish yesterday for 6 man charter! Hopefully things are pulling together for an awesome trip this Saturday!

Think about it!!

Nick Clayton

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Really good tuna fishing right now, at least further north. Anyone who had ever thought about doing tuna should really consider this. Very fair price

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