FS Anyone Still Using Multi-tips? 5wt 444 Cortland Change-a-tip - Cheap

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I'm doing some end-of-summer cleanout and came across a Cortland 5wt multi-tip system. Running line with 4 tips: full floating, 2 different sink tips (fast and slower), and an intermediate ghost tip. Comes with a nice little pouch for the tips.

I probably used this 6 times a decade or more ago and put it away and haven't used since. I've used the full float and fast tip. Ghost and slower sink tip were never used.

I can't bear to throw it in the trash. If someone wants to offer enough for shipping and maybe a six pack I'll ship it your way.


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Would $12 work? I'm in Florida but first class shipping shouldn't be too bad. Depends on whether you drink fancy beer I guess.
Sold to Kinigit! I'll pm you the details. LOL...I'm an inconsistently discerning beer lover. I can find something good in the $12 range for sure....or maybe choose to have lots of mediocrity.
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