A Shitty Night

Jim Ficklin

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A well-presented story. I'm glad that Rufus is okay. With life comes adventures; include dogs and life can become even more adventurous - I've experienced my share of "molten, canine lava" events over the years. Now, those are memories, as will be any others be that should occur - right up there with all-night searches, prickly quill escapades, rolling in who knows what, etc. Dogs contribute a lot to our lives - although on rare occasion, sometimes the contribution isn't exactly appreciated or desirable at the time.
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That is really stupid. The Wiggy is pretty famous and limits pressure by design. I guess that's why I never saw another person even though the river is well known.

That may be true of the Wigwam, but is not true in many other places. Countless quality fisheries have been ruined by internet based reports. The generally accepted protocol is to post a great fishing report (like yours) without naming the river - although general region (e.g. southern BC) is perfectly acceptable. If we want to maintain quality fisheries we need to protect them by not broadcasting specific locations across the internet - loose lips sink ships.


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Hope Rufus is doing better, the Wiggies a special place for both Bullies and Cuts and painted rocks... hard to imagine a prettier stream.... heading down on Weds to pull the sticks for a friend in need on the Elk but wish I was heading into Grizzly central instead.....

Whats the remark about the "painted rocks".
I googled the river name and rocks and still got mostly pictures of fish.
just curious.



If a river is in Canada, it may as well be on Mars.... I don't plan to show up there no matter how great it is so mentioning it on the Internet will not induce me to pack up and head that way.


Matt Paluch

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Countless quality fisheries have been ruined by internet based reports.
I know that a lot of people think that putting something on a fishing forum will send hoards of fly fishers to their favorite spots. I have never seen it actually happen. Typically when a place gets tons of pressure from a fishing report, the report came from a fly/bait shop and the local newspaper printed it, and it's within the range of a day trip from a major city.

That was an epic trip you had. Well done.

P.S. Please send me a google map with dropped pins on every rock you fished from! Thanks

Stew McLeod

aka BigMac
Nice write up and thanks for sharing your adventure. All the times I have been up to Fernie I have never ventured over to the Wigwam. Sounds like I need to do that next time, although I did run into a couple during my trip this summer.

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