Ezra's Rod Build!

Dad Eric is practicing filing snake guide feet and practicing wrapping those guides on a section of bamboo. Easier to start on a flat than on a round blank. Ezra picked out a nice shade of blue thread for his rod. So much fun visiting Ezra and his family! I don't have a phone or camera so Eric is in charge of the pictures....Follow along with this cool build, a special rod for a special little boy!
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Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
So got back to practicing some of the things Steve had showed me. I started off trying to wrap the other side of the guide foot he did, took me a couple tries and I figured out that my problem was I hadn't filed it down so I kept getting a bump.

I cut it off and went to work filing it down, looked a hole lot easier when Steve did it. I will post pics. I tried to fix the mistake/ or make it look better and filed it right off. Glad he had some for me to pratice on. I finally got it to look ok and decided to wrap a foot on the guide.

Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
for those reading this that don't know when I do the real thing it will be blue, which is my son's favorite color on a dark olive blank. I will add pics of all the stuff tomorrow as I put it up tonight.

Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
So my mother came from spokane Thursday to stay tell Tuesday and see her grand son we have a lot going on and probably won't get a lot of time to practices but will post pics of the things we do, so everyone can fallow along with the journey Ezra is taking. We went to the zoo again so we could get to see everything he feel a sleep before we had finished it all. We are going to the Science Center today.


Hi Eric,
Nice having your mom here eh? We won't talk about the Hawks....but we went to the M's game! Three big games with the Jays starting tonight. Any more wrapping practice? Let me know when you want to start the build.....

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