Ezra's Rod Build!

Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
So he wants to go with me fishing all the time, he only fishes for 30-1 then he wants to chase frogs and snakes. Which I let him do. I enjoy the fishing time I get with him but sont try to press it on him. He is very much into the outdoors. But at his age frogs and snakes are his thing. It was funny when had went to rock creek mt and I had to help him wade across we get across and he must have found a dozen gardner snakes, so it comes time to wade back and he wants to take them, going back was harder then getting across, at one point I'm just dragging him across but he held onto those snakes. A couple even bit him but he didnt drop them. He is fearless. Sorry I havent been better about posting will work on that as you can see he has waders. I've even take him with me in my pontoon. Which he loves he rides in the back.


Hello the Dennys!

Really good to see Ezra doing so well and enjoying himself in the great outdoors.

Thanks so much for sharing the photos with us, and my warmest regards to Stephanie and the rest of the gang,


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Just read through this thread and gotta say you all are a great group of folks! It's really nice to see people help each other out and I have always believed we need to continue to keep our kids involved in the outdoors, such as fishing, rather than sitting in front of a video game. Super cool!

Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
Sorry been a while since I posted. Ezra is doing great he has his last scan at the end of June and it was clear, he will not have any more scans, will still have blood work done once a year tell he stops going. Here are some pics of him out with me this year. He is still more interested in catching frogs and snakes then fish but he loves the out doors and I normally get some fishing with him. And yes he has a mo hawks all his idea. He also did his second year of wrestling but it was cut short due to everything going on.


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