Ezra's Rod Build!

Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
So it's been a little bit but wanted to give everyone the good and bad. I will start with bad and end on a good note. His chemo seems to be hitting his body harder he just got his over night treatment which he gets every 6 weeks, normally he gets a little sick throws up once or twice and is find by the next day/day a half, well this time the stomach nausea lasted for 4 day where we couldn't keep nothing down him but water, but good news is since Friday he's been eating like his making up for lost time. So he's seems to be back to normal.

Now for the really good news, when this all started his Dr said to expect his tumor to shrink about a 3rd of its size and half would be amazing, I don't know if they tell u worst case just in case or if we are just really lucky but his tumor has shrunk 2/3 of its size and it will still shrink a little more as the radiation we got in seattle is still working.

I'm going to post a couple pic just to post some. hope


Eric, you cannot begin to understand how your good news hit me. I'd been pulling hard for the little guy, and to hear that he is responding better than expected to treatment, well, that just started a song singing in my heart that just won't end, to paraphrase a song my 4-year old daughter loves. I will of course continue to pray for him and for your whole family.


Steve Kokita

Hope you get a chance to get Ezra out casting/fishing this year before the snow comes Eric......keep the pictures coming!

Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
I hope so to but doubt it. I will keep pics coming but doubt we will get to fish or cast due to weather.

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