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I have heard that the Touchet is a nice little stream. I was just over there on business, absolutely no chance to fish! We followed part of it and it looks great, smaller water but with a lot of fishy looking spots. I have also heard reports from a college student that he has done well on portions of the Walla Walla River. Wish I could be more help on exactly where and what to use.
The Walla Walla, Touchet, and Toucannon are all good rivers to try. Another good place is Big Four lake, 20 or 30 miles East of Dayton near the Toucannon River. It's the place I would go if I were in Walla Walla. Lots of 12-18" rainbows. In my opinion, SE Washington is one of the better parts of the state for trout fishing. You're lucky to be killing time there!


A couple of years ago there was a article in the Seattle Times about the Touchet and Toucannon rivers. Went there to fish two years ago about the middle of Sept. The rivers were low. The Touchet was just a trickle. The Toucannon fishable. Access on the lower river hard to find. Upper river has better access. Most of the fish that I caught were on the small size but plentiful. There are also several lakes on the Toucannon, but boats not allowed.
I have taken a couple of flyfishing trips to the Touchet and Tucannon Rivers in the past two years, and I was not dissapointed. The Tuccannon is larger, has some beautiful water, and flows through a little wooded canyon/valley. It has steelhead, which draws crowds on the very lower river. Also, smallies come up from the Snake and can provide dynamite action. The trout fishing is the best, and the whole river thats open is fun for hard-fighting, smallish 8-12 inch rainbows. The Touchet River is kind of a mysterious river. It flows through almost entirely private land, so you have to knock on doors for access. It is a small creek, just the right size, and has some great little holes. It is remarkably rich, and has more bugs than any river i've fished, including rocky ford or the yakima. This shows, because there are a lot of decent, healthy, fat bows in the river. Give it a shot, it may surprise you.



[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Aug-01-01 AT 08:13 AM (PST)[/font][p]I liked that little river also. When I first got my computer I did the surfer thing. I found a web site on the Touchet river which gave good info. Don't know if I could find it again but It had good info. Went to main page of Yahoo entered Touchet River and it gave me the info I was looking for There are about 2000 entries about the river there.

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