Clearwater, Idaho...Anybody have any current info?


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Im going to the North Fork of the Clearwater this weekend (4th of July weekend) and was curious if anyone had been there yet this year?? I called the ranger station and they said HooDoo pass just opened. If youve been there this year, how was the fishing and did you use anything that worked especially well??

You can get some updated info at Just click on the state of Idaho and go from there. Flows have been more than double for this time of year so I suspect the fish will be in the softer water right on the banks. The good news is that fishing pressure will be very light so that if you find fish, they'll be unwary. I'd like a report when you get back as I plan on going over at the end of the month if conditions are right.



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Water was no doubt HIGH...but there were quite a few holding areas to fish. It was a little slow going but none the less it was fun. We were able to pull a few hogs out but for the most part it was more or less just the 13-14 inchers we found. It was nearly impossible to wade anywhere so it was mostly fishing the holes that were accessible from the road. I would assume that in a few weeks it would be excellent conditions, but I guess it all depends on the snow pack. On that note, there was absolutely no snow on HooDoo pass, and very little traces of snow anywhere in the range. Have Fun.