Anyone work in dowtown Seattle?

I'm downtown close to Pioneer Square along with Surf Candy. We could go to Todai in Pacific Place and get some all you can eat sushi (if ya can't catch 'em, eat em).


Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!
Once upon a time in New York City a few anglers started getting together for lunch each week in just this way. They ended up calling themselves the Theodore Gordon Flyfishers. And they began a legacy of political activisim on behalf of wild fish and habitat that has extended past the borders of New York and the Eastern United States, to include fisheries concerns nationwide, even including Canada. Roderick Haig Brown, Lee Wulff, Harry Darbee, Earnest Schweibert... would be just a few of the founders.

Who knows what good will come of your gatherings?

All you have to do is agree upon a goal. :ray1:

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